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The schooner Pepa bandera II - Crew / History

Serge Medir and Pepa Salvador are qualified master mariners. In 1975 Sergi started his career in ocean sailing on the training ship Juan Sebastian de Elcano where he was the helmsman. He then spent 7 years sailing around the world in his own 35 feet boat Pepa Bandera I. Pepa has worked as a professional chef in restaurants, boats and catering businesses.

In 1985 the schooner Pepa Bandera II was built in Bilbao by the Ardeag shipyard. The schooner was designed specifically for chartering by Alfonso Echegaray and Enric Bosch and in 1987 Pepa Bandera II sailed around the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean on charters. She returned to the Mediterranean in 1992 and now harbours the port of Palamos on the Ampurdanes area of the Costa Brave in the province of Girona.