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The finest sailboat on the Costa Brava available for business groups or family occasions.
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The finest sailboat on the Costa Brava available for business groups or family occasions

So why choose the Pepa Bandera II for your outing? Because it is uniqueness that makes all the difference to your event.

Ever thought of holding your company meeting aboard a twenty meter long schooner? Has it ever occurred to you how wonderful it would be to celebrate your anniversary, birthday or even wedding on board as you sail past the Costa Brava's beautiful coastline?

Or maybe your company is planning a team-building activity or coaching sessions to bring out the best in your employees? Think of how different an environment this would be for your staff, how liberating and relaxed they would feel!

The Pepa Bandera II schooner is a unique location for whatever business activities you feel meet your needs. We can offer you an ideal space for groups of up to thirty persons along with a personalized service from professional crew members who have over thirty years of sailing experience aboard the Pepa Bandera II.

We also cater for you, providing delicious Mediterranean dishes such as 'suquet de peix', a typical fish stew from the area, or 'fideua' with Palamos prawns or other specialties prepared with fresh and healthy ingredients.

The Pepa Bandera II adds that special touch to make your business event a success.

For those very special family celebrations the Pepa Bandera II is also the perfect space.
Do you long for a dream wedding? You won't find a more romantic location than on board the schooner. Imagine saying 'I do' while anchored in the tranquil waters of the Illes Formigues or below Begur's most striking headland: Cap de Begur? Or perhaps you are looking for somewhere special to celebrate with your friends the day before your traditional wedding? You would be hard pressed to find a more special place to celebrate your birthday, anniversary or family get together than on board the Pepa Bandera II.

This schooner is like no other sailboat. This twenty meter long boat, built in 1985 in the Ardeag shipyard in Bilbao was specially designed for charter and passenger carrying purposes by Alfonso Echegaray and Enric Bosch. In 1987 she set sail for the Caribbean and was in
service there until she returned to the Mediterranean in 1992.

The vessel's joint owners - Sergi Medir and Pepa Salvador, are both fully qualified Merchant Navy marines. Sergi began his sailing career in 1975 aboard the Juan Sebastian Elcano training ship where he served as helmsman. Later he sailed around the world for seven
years in his own sailboat, the Pepa Bandera. Pepa has worked as a professional chef in restaurants, catering companies and on board boats.

Docked in the fishing port of Palamós, on the Costa Brava, the Pepa Bandera II allows you to carry out all types of work or leisure activities in one of the most privileged in the Mediterranean. Palamós is a commercial fishing port as well as a passenger port and Marina.
It is a port of historical interest as can be seen from the municipal archives of 1279 when it was known as the Royal Port of Palamos (Portus realis de Palamors). It offers excellent facilities, services and optimal access for large cruise ships that travel the Mediterranean. It is
the second largest port after Barcelona, although its main activity is fishing. 

With its historical background, the port is of great relevance in terms of fishing. It is the fifth port in Catalunya and currently attracts thousands of tourists who sample its prestigious shrimp dishes and visit
the local 'Museu de la Pesca', a museum dedicated to the fishing industry.

From Palamós, the route North takes us to the Illes Formigues, a group of sixteen little islands dotted off the coast of Calella de Palafrugell. Their ant-like shape and dimension makes them stand out on the marine horizon between Palamós and Calella.

Seen from the sea, Calella is one of the most beautiful sights you can contemplate while aboard the Pepa Bandera II. This village is one of the few left that retains its olde-worlde charm: narrow windy streets with whitewashed houses, typical fishermen's huts on the seafront, flanked by coves and wonderful sandy beaches.

In the summer, Cap Roig botanical gardens hold its celebrated International Music Festival while Sant Pere church holds its traditional summer concerts. During the first week of July the traditional 'havaneres' festivity welcomes thousands of spectators to the very popular beach of Port Bo, famous for its scenic arcades and upturned boats. Two other villages: Llafranc and Tamariu are also must sees on our route North.

Heading South with the Pepa Bandera II you will see the coast of S'Agaró, Sant Feliu de Guixols and reach the southernmost point of the Costa Brava, Tossa de Mar, whose beautiful beaches and pink rocky coastline make it very special. 

When you make your booking for your group you can select the route you prefer or you can leave it up to the captain to choose the best spots for you to visit.

Depending on the season on board the vessel you may be able to go swimming or snorkeling. Alternatively you can opt for a lazy and relaxing sunbathe on deck, making sure you have applied some
protective sunscreen beforehand.

On board the Pepa Bandera II you also get the chance to see the coastal marine fauna such as seagulls or cormorants, or sometimes you may spot the occasional moonfish basking on the surface, or if you are very lucky, catch a glimpse of a playful dolphin coming close to the ship's prow.

You will also gain insights into how traditional navigation methods are blended with advanced technology. Observing the sextant and comparing it to the GPS used on board the schooner will help you appreciate how nautical navigation methods have evolved. The
sextant is a navigational tool that allows you to measure the angles between two objects, usually a star or the sun and the horizon. Knowing the time and elevation of the sun, we determine the latitude by means of mathematical calculations that are easy to apply. The
sextant replaced the octant since it had better reach and has been used over the last centuries as a marine navigation instrument. It lasted until the last decades of the twentieth century when it was replaced by positioning methods using GPS satellites.

High on our commitments list is our respect for the sea and our ecosystem so when you sail with the Pepa Bandera II you too are showing your commitment to sustainability. The
Catalan Sailing Federation has created the Sustainable Sailing Project with a manual of good navigation practices that we share and adhere to. Respect for the Environment is one of our top priorities.

So when you join us on the Pepa Bandera II prepare yourself for a unique and memorable experience. Navigating and steering using the force of the wind unites us all, crew and passengers alike, allowing everyone to share in the wonder of sailing together, feeling we are taming the elements like the rigging of the Pepa Bandera II.

Welcome on board everyone!!

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